Aizpute, Latvia 5.29.09

Tonight I was in Aizpute, Latvia preaching the gospel in town of only a couple of thousand people.  Things are very different here in Latvia and the people are so hungry for the Gospel.  There was praise and worship by 3 young musicians and they sang so pure and anointed that it set the stage for God to minister.  I felt a different boldness on me tonight given by the Holy Spirit and the words I spoke seemed to penetrate the hearts of the people.  Although they are at times very stoic, they received and in this small congregation of less than 100, over 20 people came to give their heart to Christ.  It was wonderful to see…the young, the old, the middle aged, men and women, people from every walk of life.  After we prayed the sinners prayer, I continued in ministry for healing.  So many were healed and many great miracles built the faith of the people.  

One man in particular blessed me.  He was an alcoholic who had never received Christ.  He had hurt his shoulder from being drunk and falling and wanted to be delivered from his addiction.  I asked if he had every accepted Jesus Christ as his lord and savior and he said no.  I led him in the sinners prayer and then said that if he would believe, Jesus could heal his badly wounded shoulder and that it would be a tangible testimony of Him coming into his life.  We prayed the prayer of faith and I laid my hands on his shoulder. When we were done I asked him to move it around and test what we had prayed for.  With a grin from ear to ear he shouted…”This Jesus really works!”  I knew at that moment it solidified his faith that Christ was real, He was in his heart, and the bondage of alcohism was BROKEN! Praise God!

Thanks for all your prayers always…I am heading into the city of Jelgava tomorrow night…I know God is going to do the miraculous!  Aaron

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