Jelgava, Latvia 5.30.09

Tonight we were in Jelgava, Latvia.  This city is very unique as there are aspects of it that show the modern side of Latvia while much of it looks the same it did in the communist days under Soviet rule.  Many of the buildings are gray and square and the people seem to have a quite look of sadness as the city itself gives a certain gloominess around every turn.  As an American, it is very hard to try and understand the power of oppression that communism had on the culture of this nation.  I have grown up in freedom my entire life, while most of the people I am ministering to have grown up under communism.  Satan has done much to destroy the Spirit of God from moving but God will have his way and use His vessels to deliver the words needed for a stirring of the Spirit!  As I approached the church I saw a large, former communist meeting hall turned church.  It was an older building, but the people inside were ready and hungry for the Word and move of the Spirit.  

The meeting tonight was a gathering of about 20 churches in a network of Latvian pentecostal denomination.  Even with the 20 churches, only around 150 people were in attendance as many churches may only have 10, 20 or 30 people.  I began to preach on revival and the stirring of the Spirit for a move of God and the people sat simply listening.  I have learned that you can not preach for a reaction but simply a deposit into their lives.  The people in this part of the world are not very emotional but they listen keenly and pick up every word that is spoken.  After the Word I spoke of the saving power of Jesus Christ and gave an alter call as I always do…7 people came to know Jesus tonight!  Praise God!  Then we had the different pastors come forward to pray for people to receive the Holy Spirit and many did!  Finally, we prayed for healing and asked all who were sick to come forward.  As the crowd drew near the front, we began laying hands on the sick filled parts of each person’s body.  One by one were touched and healed and God did miracles for over an hour! 

I find that every moment of ministry in this country is met by hungry hearts and a people who have been praying and crying out for a move of the Spirit.  When the Lord confirmed the Word spoken with signs, all the pastors and people began to rejoice at what the Lord had done and began to pray a great move of God.  The Bishop of these pastors closed the meeting by saying everyone needed to repent.  He began to discourse on how the church should not have had to wait until a young fiery preacher has come to move them to action.  As he shared his heart he challenged every person to receive the Word of God that went forth and take action in their cities for the great revival and move of God that is to come in the next few months.  

I was so blessed as tonight was a great breakthrough night!  Spiritually – in people’s souls as they gave their hearts to Christ and as they received the impartation of the Holy Spirit; Physically – many were healed and had tangible evidence of a real living God and Mentally – as the bondage of oppression the enemy had been placing on them was broken so that they can undoubtedly obtain the promises of God in their life!


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