Riga, Latvia 3.31.09

Today was an astounding experience in the Lord!  We started off the day be traveling to a church close to our hotel here in Riga.  The church had about 100 seats and around 60 people in attendance.  The atmosphere was very cold when I began to preach as the people seemed to really be contending with this spiritual oppression that seems to be on so many Christians in this part  of the World.  The message was direct and challenging but I felt led by Holy Spirit and didn’t even use my notes as I was taken a completely different direction.  I have continually felt that this trip has been all about PLOWING THE GROUND…it is so heavy here.  As the spiritual soil began to till, I discerned the need to begin to pray with those who did not know Jesus.  A unique challenge is that so many are in the church, but so few have every asked Christ to come into their heart.  As the invitation for Christ went forward, 14 people stepped up and entered into a personal relationship with Jesus!!  Praise the Lord!  The next wave of ministry was in the prophetic as God has been stretching my gift in the prophetic tremendously during this mission.  Mighty words from the Lord filled the hearts of different individuals and were confirmed by acknowledgement of every person.  As I left, the church blessed Ryan and I and sent us on our way.  There is a special feeling that we are doing the work just as the Apostles did by ministering, doing what the Holy Spirit commands and then being blessed and sent by the church to next destination…it is exhausting but exhilarating!

We had approximately 30 min to drive from this church to our next destination and it was close.  We walked into the building and began immediately in ministry.  This final stop was the home church of the main contact we have been working with, Pastor Modris.  His church is located in the church facility that Rick Renner built years ago, the Good News Church of Riga.  Due to the short time in between services, I did not have time to fully prepare a new sermon and was feeling quite anxious; but the Holy Spirit took control and one of the greatest messages I have every preached came forth.  Many souls were saved and the power of God moved in worship as I sang and then as prayed so much so that the service went 4 1/2 hours.  The people were so gracious and loving and genuinely received the Word that God had placed upon my heart for this nation and these churches.  

This trip has been powerful and truly the Lord has moved in a phenomenal way!  When Ryan and I first arrived the attitudes were skeptical against us because of our age and the fact the pastors had never met or heard of us.  But as the power of God began to move, the walls came down and the church in Latvia has been prepped for a great move of the Lord and I can’t wait to come back and see all that God has in store! Thank you for all your prayers and support…Aaron 

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