Fight Night 2009

What an incredible night we had at this years “Fight Night!” Pastor Joel Scrivner came with a mighty word of God for our teenagers.  The word was powerful and direct and several young people came down to give their life to Christ!  After several came down to receive Christ, several more came to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  I was led by the Holy Spirit to prophesy over a few of these young people and life changing moments were created for them by the Lord.  I specifically remember two young men who had come that night; I was led to speak prophetically over their life and then after I had spoken the word they told me how they had never been to a church service before.  I was led and able to lead them to Jesus Christ right then and there.  Praise God!  This past Sunday night they came back and brought 2 friends with them who also gave their hearts to Christ.  God is doing great things in Pulse Youth Ministries and I am so excited to see these young men give their lives to Jesus as He can take control over all their situations and place them on a new path of life and hope.  Nothing in this life is greater than accepting and following Jesus.  Without him we are nothing, but with Him we are everything.  He is the way, the truth, and the life, and if we can step into the knowledge of the power of Christ, He can use any of us to change the lives of those around us.

These past 2 weeks I was led to go downtown Denver in the morning time and lead people to Christ and each week I lead 1 person to Christ.  It was so amazing to be able to share His love, break down the skepticism and lay hands on these men right in the middle of the street.  As a Pastor, I can sometimes get very comfortable praying and leading people to Christ behind the pulpit, but when God wants to push us out of our comfort zone…it is uncomfortable…go figure:)  But as I stepped out in faith, the power and presence of Jesus came upon me and these lives were set free from drug addictions and lives of no purpose.  Challenge yourself…step out in faith…watch God do the rest!  Bless You!  Aaron 

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