Stepping out on Faith…to Nigeria we go!

I’m on the plane in Denver getting ready for a series of flights…Washington DC, Frankfurt Germany, then Abuja, Nigeria. What an exciting few days I have ahead of me as I am connecting with Reinhard Bonnke and the CfaN team in Nigeria for one of their very large crusades (several hundred thousand people).

I’m not sure why I was invited but when God opens the door it’s not our job to ask how or why but just one word…YES! I know that many hundreds of thousands of people are about to be saved and God has blesssed me to be a part of this glorious harvest of souls.

It is nerve racking and exciting to step out in faith and do things for God that you have never done before; it is the only way He can use us…when we lay aside personal comfort for His cause! Be encouraged today, take a step of faith for Him in your life, and don’t be afraid of the unknown. Our job as believers is OBEDIENCE, not comfort…when we embrace this, all fear is exchanged for faith and Christ’s power can come alive through us! (2 Cor. 12:9)

Be blessed, and please keep me in your prayers…there is nothing more powerful than the power of agreement through prayer!

Bless You Today! Pastor Aaron

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Location:Pena Blvd,Denver,United States

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