Welcome To Nigeria!

What an incredible trip this has been so far as I have joined the Reinhard Bonnke team (CfaN) for the great crusade here in Numan, Nigeria. Most people don’t know where Numan is as it is a small town in the Adamawa State. Close to the city of Yola, Numan is in HIGH expectancy of what God is going to do.

As we approached in the car caravan, I was amazed at the sight held before me as literally tens of thousands of people came running up to the caravan, chasing it, screaming in joy, singing unto the Lord, and trying to touch the man of God for a blessing. The Bonnke team takes over the town with promotion, posters, radio and TV. When they are here it seems like nothing else is happening but the crusade. We met with the governor of the state and the king of the people. All these leaders and dignitaries are respectful and receiving of the message of Jesus Christ. With such great support from the leaders of these people, there is great support of the people for the meetings. God is in operation through all of this and hundreds of thousands will be saved over the next 5 days. This is happening every month here in Nigeria through CfaN. It is totally unlike anything seen in the United States, what an eye opening experiance!

Please keep me in prayer as I was very sick from the food the first couple of days. I am feeling better now, but I covet your prayers! God Bless You, Aaron

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