Nigeria Crusade Day 2

As day 2 comes to an end there is so much wonderful news to share! I Am here in Numan, Nigeria with Reinhard Bonnke’s CfaN. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda has been preaching and it has been powerful! This morning I entered the soccer stadium for the Pastor’s conference at 6am and it was filled with over 10,000 people before the sun was even up. The hunger in the people is so wonderful and the power of God moves freely! By Saturday we are planning over 20,000 in the Pastor’s conference as people do not have to work.

Tonight in the crusade the crowd had more than doubled going from 85,000 people to 175,000 people! The whole team was buzzing with excitement as the harvest was so great. There were many miracles tonight…much more than last night! One women blind from birth received sight for the first time in her life! The lights from the platform startled her and then she began to weep as she embraced her husband seeing him for the first time in her life. Another man crippled from a young age walked out of his wheelchair never to return. The miracles were like the sand of the sea in the midst of the sea of people!

Thank you for your prayers and support, without I don’t know where I would be! Bless you today! Aaron

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