Nigeria Crusade Day 3

Today was incredible as all numbers from yesterday were broken. There were over 15,000 pastors at the fire conference this morning at 6:00 am. The fire of God went forth through 2 amazing messages and thousands upon thousands were changed for the glory of God. These pastors are the life blood of the church as they are the ones who will carry on the harvest past this crusade!

The crusade had over 200,000 people in attendance tonight! Scores of people rose their hand to receive salvation for the first time and many thousands of miracles took place. One women who was paralyzed from the waist down from birth walked for the first time tonight! She had no assistance and we all danced together in praise!
Tonight we challenged the crowd to bring all items of witchcraft and anything demonic to be burned in the huge barrels that were provided. They were filled to the top with items of Satan and they were burned as people danced around them and praised God for the curses being loosed!
Tomorrow night should be bigger than tonight as people do not work on Saturday and can travel further to be in attendance. Please pray that the hearts of all unsaved people will be softened to come and know Jesus Christ as their personal savior!

Thank you for your prayers, may the grace of Jesus be with always! Aaron

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