Nigeria Crusade Day 4

What a Saturday here in Numan, Nigeria. We began the day with the final Pastor’s conference and over 45,000 people while the sun was still rising. It was an incredible time as we prayed for an outpouring if the Holy Spirit on all the Pastors and people in attendance. I laid hands on hundreds of Pastors with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the fire of God fell mightly! Praise the Lord!

The night service was even more powerful as over 215,000 thousand people filled the field ready to hear the gospel. Thousands were saved and more healings happened than all the previous nights combined. There was a tremendous anointing as I had the opportunity to praise and exhort the crowd as thousands were filled with the Holy Spirit. There is nothing like exhorting a crowd and hearing over 200,000 people shout Hallelujah and praise God. What a powerful presence of God! Hundreds of blind eyes opened, cripples walking and Muslims being saved!! The great anointing that has been here is being deposited into the pastors, people and churches! One more night to go and the largest crowd of the crusade will be tomorrow. Thank you for all your prayers and support! God bless you! Aaron

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