Bishop T.D. Jakes Impartation

What an incredible night with Bishop T.D. Jakes last night at WOLCC! The man of God came with an exhortive word that was right on time in due season. The anointing came so strong that he went into the crowd and laid hands on many people. As the church was filled to capacity and all hands were raised in worship to God, a heavy anointing flooded the atmosphere as lives were changed, healed and set free!

I was personally blessed as Bishop Jakes waved me forward and laid his hands upon me and declared “double portion is your’s tonight!” I felt the power of God surge through me and I know that I did receive a double portion anointing! Praise God!

The best part of the night was during the dinner after service. As the room was filled with casual conversation, Bishop began to talk about the things of the Lord with great wisdom and knowledge. Soon thereafter all other conversations slowly faded into a silence as everyone began to listen. I wish a tape recorder would have been on as Bishop Jakes himself told all of us that he is not usually allowed to share his heart in the manner he did. The life lessons that were given for all in attendance of the dinner will not be quickly forgotten but retained for a lifetime. Praise God for the man of God sharing the gift that the Father has given him.

If we want to grow, we must surround ourselves with those doing what we dream about!

God Bless You! Strike the Jordan – This is YOUR Season! Love ya … Aaron

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Location:W Bowles Ave,Littleton,United States

One thought on “Bishop T.D. Jakes Impartation

  1. My daughter, her boss, his wife and myself attended this service. Unfortunately, my daughter's boss and wife had to leave due to the wife's illness before Bishop Jakes spoke, however, we are getting the CD. It was powerful evening of teaching and anointing.

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