Word of Life and Potter’s House Denver Unite!

Last night was an amazing service at Word of Life as Pastor Chris Hill (the newly installed Pastor at the former Heritage Christian Center) and Pastor Bagwell came together to deliver a unified message to both churches and cast the spiritual vision over Denver – REVIVAL!!

It was an unprecedented time for both ministries as many of the Potter’s House congregation were in attendance as well as the pastoral staff. The Spirit of God moved mightly and His glory was thick as both churches unified under the vision of harvest time and revival. In my spirit I have been praying about this for several months, so to hear it publicly from these Pastor’s and prophets made my “baby leap!” The power of God moved strongly in the service as Pastor Bagwell ministered prophetically over the pastoral staff of Potter’s House. Pastor Chris also ministered powerfully and I received a tremendous prophetic word that confirmed so many things that God has put on my heart.

This is a new season in Denver and more souls are going to be saved than ever before! Let’s get ready for it and DO the work of the ministry that the Lord has declared over our lives!! Praise God for the harvest is at hand!

Bless you…praying for you all! Aaron

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Location:E Indore Dr,Aurora,United States

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