Real Purpose! Who’s with Me?


The last few months God has been speaking and showing me much about my calling and who He is and what He really cares about.

This thing called ministry is not about: personal gain, personal wealth, personal fame, personal comfort, “getting ahead”, proving to people how great we are, showing people how great WE are with God, and accolade from man. This thing called ministry is about: Making sacrifice of self so Jesus can be shown, Jesus’ fame, discomfort to the flesh but gain in the Spirit (2 Cor. 12:7), serving and showing through obedience to God that we are always unworthy to be used by Him but greatful for the unbelievable thought the creator of the universe chooses us, dying to ourselves so that Christ will rise…not our name but Jesus’ name!

I am shocked at how the majority of people who desire to be in ministry want to do it because of big crowds, fame, money, worldly praise and other means to promote their name. The problem is some how the generations coming up have it all wrong thinking their name is actually worth something. Thinking that big crowds come with no price and at no cost. In fact the ones who enter into true evangelism and makes nation changing impact have been so beat down and humbled in the process that the big crowd does absolutely nothing for them. What gets them going is a soul getting saved, whether thats 500,000 at a time or 1 at a time. These men and women of God are rare and there are very few of them in existance.

Think about this, our name is NOTHING…it doesn’t save the lost, heal the sick, bring deliverance to the bound and oppressed, cast out demons, do miracles, bring forth fruit, do anything! Our name should do nothing but make people think of Jesus, because only Jesus saves the lost, heals the sick, brings deliverance, casts out demons, brings forth fruit, He DOES all things!

My life is not about natural legacy but Kingdom legacy! BAGWELL does not save or deliver anyone…only JESUS! Until we are willing to die to ourselves, our comforts and our selfish desires we will not allow the power of Christ to come forth and change others. I choose to die to myself so that Christ can do what only he can do! I don’t care if you like me or not…Jesus loves you! I want Hell empty and Heaven full! If that means going to the ends of the earth and sacrificing every comfort of this life…so be it! I want souls too bad to sit back and chill!

If we are not willing to go to war, people will die, and their souls are lost to Hell!

It’s time for revival and for ministers to rise up out of this old, filthy flesh and proclaim the ONLY name that matters!

Who’s With Me??

Aaron B.

– Posted by Pastor Aaron Bagwell using BlogPress from the iPhone

Location:College Park,United States

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