PLEASE READ…take a moment to be stirred today!!

2 Corinthians 12:9 “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

Many times as Christians we pray “God use me” or “here I am send me” but when God responds we may brush it off as a weird thought or even the devil. Paul had a figurative thorn put in his side. What was this thorn? Well nobody really knows as the Bible never tells us. What we do know is that is was something uncomfortable and unpleasant to the point that Paul prayed and prayed God would remove it. I believe that Paul had been asking God, before this thorn was given to him, to “use me” and “send me”. God’s answer to his prayers was a thorn that seemed so hard and challenging that Paul felt it was not from the Lord.

When we pray for God to use us and send us, we have to be ready for a thorn, the uncomfortable challenges that are necessary for our prayers to come true. We don’t arrive to our destiny on a cruise ship, but usually a small humble boat full of shipwrecks and storms. For as Paul was literally shipwrecked 3 times, God will place us in “shipwreck” circumstances for the growth of our faith. These challenges are not always the large storms we may think, they also come in small packages of the simplest acts of obedience. God does answer prayers and many times very quickly, they just usually don’t come in the presentation our fleshly mind has conjured up. We are praying for God to open doors and the doors are opening before our eyes but we can’t see them because they look different than what we thought.

The key is OBEDIENCE to God, whenever, wherever, small or large…this attitude in our heart will push us out of the comfort zone into His presence through humility. Obedience is such a simple yet challenging thing as those simple steps may very well be the hardest. God understands this about us and will give us proportional steps based upon our faith and spiritual maturity growth in Him. He will not ask us to the part the Red Sea till He has asked us to take our sandals in the midst of a burning bush. He will not ask us to walk on water till He has asked us to simply bring him loaves and fishes.

You see, every act of obedience, large or small, releases His power in your life. The more you operate in obedience, the more you operate in His power. When Paul received the thorn God had allowed to come upon him he rejected it. When he prayed and God answered “My grace is sufficient for thee: my strength is made perfect in weakness.” Paul did a complete 180 degree turn in his attitude as he whole heartily received God’s word in obedience. He now began not to ask the Lord to remove this challenge but began to thank God for it and rejoice in it!

Obedience to God increases His power, obedience to the flesh decreases His power. So the more we operate in obedience to God over our flesh, the more we will see His power and purpose in our lives becoming more and more activated. Obey God and watch His power begin to manifest in your life as never before.

Your obedience is power packed full of the purpose of God! Praise God!!

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2 thoughts on “POWER packed OBEDIENCE!

  1. Great word bro! Obedience is truly better than sacrifice. He never said the cross would be light, comfortable, or convenient. It's amazing if we will just be obedient to do what we can do, he will always do what we can't. Obedience + Faith + His Power = Victory!

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