Welcome to Latvia!

Hey Everyone,

I just got into my hotel this evening and am getting ready to get some rest for a powerful week ahead! As I ate dinner with my team (George Towers, it’s a small team for now:)) and our crusade coordinator Modris, we began to talk about what God is doing already here in the city of Riga. The churches are coming together in unification over these meetings and I am believing for thousands to be saved.

Modris began to share how many of the churches have been praying and believing for the crusade for the past several months. Many are coming expecting to see the power of God in full operation through signs, wonders and miracles! The greatest miracle of all will be the salvation of souls, so please be in prayer the unbeliever and atheist are drawn for some reason to these meetings so that Jesus can radically get a hold of their lives and save their souls.

Here are is a pic of some of the materials that have been translated into Latvian. We have thousands of bookmarks, 1st time salvation cards and copies of my book entitled “I’m Saved! Now What?” All of these will be used nightly in the salvation of souls!

Stay posted…I will post daily updates and pics from the meetings.

Again, I thank you for your prayers daily!

In Christ Jesus,


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Location:Brīvības iela,Riga,Latvia

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