Latvia Crusade Day 1 – 5.26.10

What an incredible first night in the Riga, Latvia crusade! Anytime I step into the pulpit for the first time I have nerves and don’t know what to expect. I don’t know if the people are going to be receptive, I don’t know if there will be a lot of expectancy or little to no faith at all, what I do know is that I have to lean on the Lord and His power alone. I can do nothing by myself anyways and it would be foolish as a minister to ever have confidence in my flesh. My strength and power come only from God almighty and that was truly the case tonight!

The praise and worship was wonderful and the people were pressing into God’s presence. As I took the mic I began to express the power of God’s undying love and His sacrifice made on Calvary for the salvation for all mankind. It was during my preaching that I saw a women in the audience that the Holy Spirit spoke to me about. I began to deliver the prophetic into her life and saw the power of God moving. The crowd began to press in their faith as I ministered to several others prophetically. I felt led to pray for healing but as the people came to be prayed for not many were receiving. I switched gears into the alter call and many responded with tears running down their cheeks. Some atheist, some re-dedications, all were WONDERFUL!

After the prayer for salvation, I went back to those wanting prayer for healing and almost all were healed. Faith is rising, and I know that tomorrow night will only grow with more people getting saved and many being healed!

One women came down tonight and had no feeling in her fingertips or her toes and feet. When I laid hands on her she said that she felt warmth like fire going into her hands and feet. After this she began to weep and praise God that she had feeling again and that Lord had healed her!

I covet all of your prayers and know that these meetings will be powerful for all in attendance to stir the city of Riga in a fresh and a new way! I pray for great revival to the city of Riga! Praise God for all that He is doing. When the unbeliever sees the true power of God, nothing will change their mind as to whether or not there is a God!

For Souls and God’s Purpose,


– Posted by Pastor Aaron Bagwell using BlogPress from the iPad –

Location:Elizabetes iela,Riga,Latvia

4 thoughts on “Latvia Crusade Day 1 – 5.26.10

  1. Praise God Aaron! I am so excited for what God is doing in your life. I know you will see great and mighty things. Great love and blessings to you.-Jon Jebavy (Only Believe Ministries)

  2. Amen, Man of God! Victorious Living Christian Center binds our faith with yours for the city of Riga. God used you to impact the people of Grove City and He'll do the same there! We send the Peace of God your way brother. In Jesus' name!Elder John Chandler

  3. That's Awesome Pastor Aaron! I already checked out your blog on Twitter earlier today. We are praying that God's plan for that region is being furthered through these meetings and all of the Churches that are involved. May the Lord use you for His Glory! Acts 4:31

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