Revival in the Youth! Latvia Crusade Day 2 – 5.27.10

What an incredible night as the power of God fell in such a mighty way tonight. As I began to preach this evening I felt the Holy Spirit almost instantly come into the room and direct me to whom I should minister to. After praying for a few people, the Lord spoke to me very clearly and strongly to pray for all the young people age 30 and younger.

I was astonished at the response as 50-60 people came forward. What a powerful time in prayer as these young people came crying out for the power of God and their hearts were wide open to receive what the Lord had for them.

I began to declare what the Lord was speaking, that a great revival is coming to Riga and the nation of Latvia, and the young people will be at the helm of it. I prophetically spoke into several of these young people and was amazed at the clarity the Lord spoke. I spoke to a young women who had been involved and passionate in academics and confirmed the word in her heart that she would lead the “high society” to Jesus! I also spoke to another young man who had a heart for street witnessing and “low society”. Isn’t Jesus wonderful? He always connects A-Z! There is no partiality in God, only souls for the reaping in the great harvest to come.

Many souls saved tonight – Praise the Lord!

Please continue to pray that the crowds grow and many more give their hearts to Christ!

Praise God for His Goodness!

In Christ Jesus,


– Posted by Pastor Aaron Bagwell using BlogPress from the iPad –

Location:Elizabetes iela,Riga,Latvia

4 thoughts on “Revival in the Youth! Latvia Crusade Day 2 – 5.27.10

  1. It is SO cool to see your pictures – these people from clear across the world are giving their hearts and lives to the SAME Jesus who loves us! Keep following the leading of the Holy Ghost, Pastor Aaron – we're so proud of you!!:)

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