Supernatural Outpouring! Latvia Crusade Day 3 – 5.28.10

What a night! There was a SUPERNATURAL OUTPOURING in Riga tonight! The power of God was very strong as hundreds were touched by the power of God. The attendance was the largest we have seen this week and even people from other countries have been coming! One woman visiting from Croatia came because of a taxi driver in the city telling her to come to the services! Praise God!

The healing line stretched from side to side as people received the touch of Jesus and many were healed and set free from sickness of every kind. One woman I prayed for tonight came down to the alter with a growth on her knee and could barely walk. When the power of God touched her, the growth disappeared and her knee was healed!

The alter call grew in numbers as many gave their hearts to Jesus for the first time tonight. Counselors meet with the newly saved each night praying, connecting and distributing the booklet I have written “I’m Saved! Now What?” The atheists are being saved and transformed by the power of God as they no longer can deny Christ’s awesome love and grace. It truly is a miraculous event each and every night, for a soul saved is the greatest miracle of all!

The prophetic moved in a mighty way and many people were ministered to all across the auditorium. The presence of God swept in such a sweet way and people for the first time this week opened up their mouth with hands lifted high worshipping unhindered in the presence of God. The Holy Spirit was moving so powerful that many were falling out under the power with no one even laying hands on them.

Expectation is VERY high and increasing nightly. Please pray for the greatest harvest of souls tomorrow night! The fires of revival are beginning to burn in the hearts of the people in a fresh way.

God Bless You!

In Christ Jesus,


– Posted by Pastor Aaron Bagwell using BlogPress from the iPad –

Location:Elizabetes iela,Riga,Latvia

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