The Numbers Grow~Latvia Crusade Day 4 – 5.30.10

Tonight was so exciting as I walked out into the sanctuary and saw that the crowd had almost doubled from the previous night. Many came that were there for the first time and several of these received Jesus as their lord and personal savior! Praise God!

Every night before the message goes forth, George and I lead the people into worship through music. I play the piano and sing as George plays the drums. I try to sing songs that everyone knows already so that I sing first in english and then have their singers sing in Latvian. The people seem to really press in and the Holy Spirit sets down in a mighty way.

As I preached the Gospel, the Holy Spirit spoke through me in the prophetic to a few people. I have noticed that the prophetic has been the gift used by the lord for the unbeliever in these meetings this week. Every night I immediately give the alter call after the prophetic has ministered to a few people.

The alter call was bigger tonight than the last 3 nights combined! Many unsaved and prodigals came to the love of Christ tonight. It was glorious!

Tomorrow I will be preaching in the Russian church in the morning and then head to the final service of the crusade in the evening. I have been praying and believing that tomorrow night the crowd will double again. God is moving and His power draws the unbeliever! Praise God!

Thank you for your prayers…

Write me your thoughts:)

In Christ,


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Location:Elizabetes iela,Riga,Latvia

One thought on “The Numbers Grow~Latvia Crusade Day 4 – 5.30.10

  1. Praise God Pastor Aaron, it is AWESOME to see more and more people being touched each night by God's mighty power! It is hard for people to deny God when they see his power and the miraculous taking place as is happening over there right now. I have been praying that God would use you in a mighty way and that many souls would be saved, lives would be changed and healed not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. I pray that the people of Latvia be set on fire for the Lord through this crusade and that a great revival would break out throughout the entire country! Praise God for what you are doing there for the Kingdom and may God continue to bless you in all you do and give you new strength and a fresh anointing to continue the work that is ahead there in Latvia! Tell George I said hello and may God Bless you both! In Christ, Eric Garcia

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