Finale! Revival in Latvia~Latvia Crusade Day 5 – 5.30.10

What a finale we had tonight! The crowd had almost doubled from the night before, more souls were saved than all the other services and fresh oil was poured out on all that were in attendance. The services have been life changing for many as the power of God healed, saved and transformed many lives. Praise God for the momentum that these meetings have had in the Spirit; I believe this will continue in the churches after I go as the fires of revival are burning in the people.

The response to the alter call was incredible tonight! I know that the souls added to the kingdom will begin to grow as God prophetically declared there is a season of multiplication coming to the church in Latvia. As I ministered throughout the service, there was a moment when I felt led by the Holy Spirit to pray for everyone who wanted fresh oil from God to be poured out on their lives. I thought maybe only a few would come, but hundreds rushed the alter and the power of God fell tremendously. It was truly a glorious moment ordained by God for all the people in attendance.

I feel that God has used this week to become a catalyst to the church in Latvia pushing it into the next season. I know that when I return, every church will have grown in multiplication of new believers and the power of God. Many of the pastors spoke to me before I left expressing their gratitude for the ministry the Lord did while I was here. It is so humbling that God would use me to be a great impact for these churches, pastors and cities. Praise Jesus for His goodness and loving kindness and power that never ceases but only increases!

Thank you for all of your prayers this week, they were felt by George and I and all the pastors!

In Christ,


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Location:Flughafen Frankfurt am Main,Frankfurt,Germany

2 thoughts on “Finale! Revival in Latvia~Latvia Crusade Day 5 – 5.30.10

  1. That looked incredible! I am so excited that the meetings were such a success! Praise God! We were praying for you the entire time you were gone and we know that God moved in a miraculous way on the chruch in Latvia!

  2. Pastor Aaron,Praise God! It seems as if that region of the world is so dry and such hard ground to till and to hear about the salvations, the services growing each night and the breakthroughs we're hearing about is truley a manifestation of the power of God!We have been keeping you guys lifted and we're glad to hear such good reports. Maybe this is the start of your 25 years to Latvia like Pastor has been going and depositing into Brazil………..PRAISE GOD?! Bless ya brotha,Buck

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