Power of God falls in Miami! 10.20.10

What an incredible service last night in northern Miami area (Deerfield Beach). I had the incredible opportunity to ministry in Pastor J.R. Davila’s church and what a night it was. This church is only 3 years old and has over 350 people already. The secret to Pastor Davila’s success…witnessing on the street…go figure…ha!

This powerful man of God has a vibrant young group of people hungry for the power of God! As I was asked to minister the presence of God just seemed to sweep in like a flood. There was just about standing room only in the room as people were in the foyer and looking in the windows on the sidewalk to be a part of what God was doing. The Lord moved through me in the gift of the prophetic and then great healings began to take place. Several were healed instantly of pain and the church glorified God in a sincere love and praise!

I’m now off to Port-au-Prince, Haiti for the great crusade with Dominic Russo. I am anticipating greatly in my spirit for all of the souls to be saved and the love of Jesus to be poured out on the masses in the midst of such devastation and hopelessness! Please pray for and my friend Eric Garcia as we press into the midst of the devil’s stronghold. OUR GOD IS GREATER!

In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Aaron

– Posted by Pastor Aaron Bagwell using BlogPress from the iPad – http://www.aaronbagwell.org

Location:NW 7th St,Miami,United States

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