Revival in Haiti

Haiti…wow, I’ve never been to a more hurting and needy place. The devastation from the earthquake this January was devastating and only 1% has been rebuilt despite all of the billions sent from around the world. The country has no infrastructure to handle the aid and only missions groups and churches have really made any impact. When we arrived there were stacks and stacks of crates of food from America that haven’t been distributed because nobody knows what to do with them. The need here is great and people are so hopeless.

As we left the airport and began to drive through the city you could see thousands of tents where the country is living now. Buildings haven’t been rebuilt and people are scared to even live in them. Trash, disease, parasitical water, open sewage are all a way of life in Port-au-Prince and all of Haiti. The need for the Gospel is in more need than ever as people need healing and the hope of our savior. That’s where we come in!

The crusades each night have been incredible as the crowds have grown each night and doubled. The first night – 2500 people, the second night – 5000, the third night – 10,000, the fourth night 18,000.

People are getting healed by the masses. Demonic activity is very present in every service but the power of Christ is in control and the demonic people are set free in Jesus name. People are witnessing the power of Christ and getting saved by the thousands.

Please keep me and this place in your prayers as the need is greater than you know.

Bless You!

For Souls,

Pastor Aaron

– Posted by Pastor Aaron Bagwell using BlogPress from the iPad –

Location:Port-au-Prince Haiti

One thought on “Revival in Haiti

  1. Praise the Lord, Aaron. Yesterday, I read about Jesus casting a blind and dumb spirit out of a man. The Pharisees said he did it by the power of the devil. You know His answer: "A house divided against itself cannot stand." But, I also read in Dake's Bible notes that the devil would not allow a weaker spirit to overcome him, testifying to what you're demonstrating–God is greater, and greater is He that is in you, than any number of demons. We love you and you're in our prayers.

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