Haiti Changed Forever! Re-Dedicated to Jesus!

Hey Everyone,

Wanted to tell you about the incredible results from the Carrefour, Haiti crusade that I was a part of the past 5 nights. God did amazing things in the midst of the greatest poverty I have ever witnessed. As I was driving by the docks in Port-au-Prince I witnessed people sick on the side of the road, people eating trash, diseased children running naked and seemingly no hope.

People are living in tents as most of the country was destroyed in the January 2010 earthquake. Because there is no infrastructure in the government, the billions of dollars of aid that was sent has not been able to be used in any capacity as hoped. Only 1% has been rebuilt out of the devastation as even the government buildings haven’t even been touched. Much of the American aid sent was spoiled and wasted as there was no way to distribute.

The ONLY hope for Haiti is not the government or foreign aid, the ONLY hope for Haiti is in fact JESUS!

Thousands flocked the crusade grounds each night and the final night having over 20,000 in attendance. Many people were healed of incurable diseases, deafness, blindness and lameness. God truly showed up in signs and wonders and the people cried out to their God in desperation.

I laid hands on hundreds of sick people and saw incredible miracles. One man who could not hear came to the crusade ground; as I was praying for the sick he came to me and I laid my hands on his ears and when I rebuked the spirit of deafness and declared that his ears be “OPEN”, they did! He looked at me with great excitement and began giving praise to God! He was completely healed!

Thousands were saved! Praise God! The CHURCH is the only hope for Haiti, please pray for the church pastors and the body of Christ there to arise in faith and power.

One incredible story came from the leading bishop of the country. His wife began to share with me how just a few years ago God dealt with him to dedicate the country to Jesus. Many years ago, in 1803, the country of Haiti was dedicated to the devil in a voodoo witch doctor ceremony where the blood of pigs and other animals were slain. There the people gave their country over to Satan and for 200 years the drums of the voodoo witch doctors would play across the country for all to hear every day. The bishop (who now overseas 274 churches totaling a church body of 20,000 people) went to this very spot to cast out the demons that had ruled the land and rededicate his country to Jesus Christ. The government wouldn’t let him do it! The media began to follow the story and before the government could stop him he gathered several thousand Christians to the exact spot where the country was given to the devil. They didn’t have some ceremony, they had a HOLY SPIRIT FILLED CHURCH SERVICE FOR 3 NIGHTS! The power of God fell and revival has been sweeping across their nation ever since.

There was a great tree that was planted on that spot that had grown into a giant. After the services, the casting out of the demons and rededication of the Island to Christ, that tree shriveled up and DIED! Nobody touched it and no other plant died around it! Since the earthquake, not one voodoo drum has been heard in the nation. In country of hopelessness, Jesus has become the hope and people are getting saved and going to Heaven – Revival is happening in Haiti! PRAISE GOD!

Yours for the harvest!

Pastor Aaron

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