Church In The Blackout! Albania Day 4 Video Blog

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Church In The Blackout – Watch this awesome recap of day 4 of the Albania crusade!  The power went out but God’s light showed up and many hundreds of people were saved!  Watch and tell me your thoughts!!!

In Christ,
Pastor Aaron

10 thoughts on “Church In The Blackout! Albania Day 4 Video Blog

  1. Awesome! You brought a lot of hope, love and promise to those people in Albania – where once life had been very bleak, indeed! You were on God’s mission, for sure!

  2. I absolutely love watching you handing food to all those people and minister in such a great way. You can sense and see the powerful move of God. I love it!

  3. Pastor Aaron,
    This is a blessing because you are doing what the Lord has commissioned you to do and you are doing it in His name and power! It is so amazing to see the hunger and obvious open hearts to receive what Our Lord Jesus has for them to receive! God Bless you and
    may he strengthen you as you yield to that anointing upon your life!!

  4. Hi Pastor Aaron! Bless you! I am so encouraged seeing you minister in Albania
    and all those people with such expectation on their faces! Hundreds of salvations
    is only the beginning! I believe God will give you the City!
    Thanks for sharing with us this joy and ministry of yours!

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