Over 800 Saved in Albania!

What an unbelievable work God did in Albania this past week! Praise God! The meetings were a huge success and much larger than originally anticipated!

The last night of the crusade grew to a point where people could not get in the doors of the meeting hall and the teenagers/young people filled the platform, stairs and aisle ways (anywhere they could sit) just to hear the gospel message of Jesus Christ. THERE IS REVIVAL BEGINNING IN ALBANIA! The pastors were so gracious and excited about the work that God did this week as we were all amazed to see so many came to Christ that have never believed. People from all sorts of backgrounds (muslim, atheist, catholic, orthodox) received Jesus and were changed by the power of God. It is truly an outpouring of the Holy Spirit for God’s sovereign timing and fire for revival in Albania.

There were many things that were so exciting about these meetings but the most exciting to me was the fact that most of the crowds every night were so young in age. On average, most of the crowd was 30 years and younger…HUNGRY for a touch of God. I met many people who had never been to church before but were invited by their friends and also came from hearing the radio advertisements and interviews explaining what God was doing. I also met many who came from seeing advertisements on Facebook…go figure:) One young man drove all the way from Kosovo (about a 6 hour drive) and was radically healed of mouth/speech problems the first night. He came every night and speak without pain and in total clarity. God gave me a word for him that he was called to preach and take the gospel to his generation! GOD IS GOOD!

We held the meetings at one of the most famous and notable buildings in the city of Tirana, the National Museum. It was a fantastic location as everyone who lives in Albania knows where it is. Many people came by busses that brought them from as far as an hour away from their villages right into the city.

The village outreach campaign was a huge success as we gave away hundreds of food bags feeding an entire family of 4. At each church before the bags were distributed the people had to sit and listen to me preach the gospel whether they liked it or not:) Praise God because at every outreach many received Jesus and then came to the meetings at night. On Sunday morning I preached for a wonderful local Pastor who normally has around 50 in attendance. On the Sunday I ministered, the church was filled to capacity and overflowing (at least 150 people) and 25 people gave their live to Jesus in the alter call. I know that this church will be filled to capacity in this way every Sunday very soon! God is filling people with His presence, love and hope and stirring their spirit, drawing them to Him.

None of this event would have been possible without FAITHFUL support financially from so many people and partners of Aaron Bagwell Ministries! I thank you and the people of Albania thank you! You will share in the glory of their salvation in Heaven…PRAISE GOD FOR PARTNERS! Please consider partnering with me and help me reach more people for Jesus than ever before!

I have already had fantastic conversations with the pastors about returning to Albania very soon and taking a large team with me to reach THOUSANDS FOR CHRIST!



In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Aaron

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