Be the Body of Christ!

Watch this 3 min of Power on how we are all a part of the body of Christ.  Many of us have different gifts, talents and abilities but no one has a higher status in God because of this!  We are all the body and God is no respecter of persons!  Be blessed!
Pastor Aaron

2 thoughts on “Be the Body of Christ!

  1. Thanks Aaron for your encouragement! We are all special in our unique gifts and callings! A reminder from the Word is POWERFUL!!

  2. Thank you Pastor Aaron! When I joined my church my dream of playing violin came true and I figured out whom I play it for. I was then asked at a practice to stay for Choir, can you guess whom else said to me sing for me? Then I was asked to serve communion, something I had dreamed of in my head. God has heard my wishes and given them to me, but it is for serving him and Jesus. I have a need to go back to college to be a doctor. Suppose that means I’m a healer! Keep the great stuff coming and thanks for all you continue to do.

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