Stop Sin Now! For Real?

Romans 13:14 “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts.”

Did you know that YOU DON’T HAVE TO SIN? What? Really? YES REALLY!

Sin is a choice and the Bible tells us how to avoid sin. All sin is a CHOICE! We must remember this as the enemy will always tempt, we are the ones who take the temptation and act upon it. No one forces us to sin, it is our flesh that desires the sin and acts upon this desire.

I have met many people through the years that have battled repeatedly with sin. How is this possible if we are Christians? Simple, we must daily “put on the Lord Jesus Christ” like a garment of clothing. Our faith and love for Jesus needs to be and must be renewed every day like eating a meal renews our body daily.

If you don’t eat for one day your body will tell you “I’m hungry!”. If you don’t eat for 5 days your body will tell you “I’m really hungry!”. If you don’t eat for 50 days your body may be dead and unable to tell you anything.

Putting on Jesus is similar in this as we can easily go a day without praying or reading the Bible and our spirit will say “I’m hungry!”. But in the same manner of our fleshly bodies, if you do not pray, read the Word and you stop going to church for a long period of time, your spirit can become so starved it may feel dead and non existent to you making you feel no connection with God and fulfilling all desire of the flesh in sin.

All of us are susceptible to this as we are all flesh and born into sin. This is how men and women of God that have done great things for God for 20 and 30 years can commit adultery or some other sin. So many are hurt when this happens and ask “how?” and “why?”. It is simple, they stopped putting on the Lord Jesus Christ, they have now lost their defense against the enemy and the enemy wins…that simple.

In the same way you could live 50 years healthy and vibrant, if at any time you would choose to stop eating, your body would die. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how great you balanced your diet, the moment you stop eating is the moment your body will begin to shut down and eventually die.

In the same way all Christians are like this in the spirit. We may have lived for 50 years serving God but the moment we stop putting on the Lord Jesus Christ is the moment our spirit is disconnect from God and sin can come in at any moment and destroy us. This is why it is SO important that we never lose our daily prayer life, reading of the Word of God and attendance of church. The moment we do is the moment we begin to starve our spirit and now give sin a access point, and sin will always win without Christ! In fact, we have NO power over sin without Christ, so without putting on the Lord Jesus Christ daily we are now vulnerable to sin and will fall to sin every time – GUARANTEED!

We must have Jesus, without Him we are dead in sin but in Him ALIVE in Christ!

I love Jesus with all my heart! If you do – will you write it and bless someone on this blog?

Praying for you!

In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Aaron Bagwell

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