13 thoughts on “Melva’s Story – Incredible Miracle!

  1. WOW- I am so thriled to hear and share with all I know, Melva’s miracle and God’s healing in her life. Thank you Pastor Aaron and all the WOLCC family for being such true vessels through which God’s Glory SHINES!!!

  2. I knew about it. I saw it. I saw “her”. The most impactful thing to me was that I knew (italics)! Before, during and after this happened. It wasn’t somebody in a pre-fabricated wheelchair story, it was “Melva”. Melva my friend. For two years! I knew Melva! She is one of the congregation. God is so faithful. He is so real. He does use *sickness* to show us just how He heals us from it – all of it. No matter what the enemy tries, Miss Melva is an authentic example of the joy of the Lord being our strength. He put the enemy literally, under her feet. And the unspeakable joy & miracles surrounding her makes me wonder how people doubt God’s existence. I praise Him for giving us such a beautiful testimony, I praise Him for gracing the life of Melva and I praise Him for being a God of Mercy! Thank you for posting her miracle for others to see.

  3. I know Melva’s story in depth. Through it all, she has praised God. Each day of her test is a testimony of the greatness of God. God is GREATER!

    Everytime I see Melva it is a reminder that ALL thing are possible through God. It has built up my faith to trust God the more for the issues in my life.

    God is good! Thank you Lord for a living testimony of your power at work in 2011. His promises and miracles to not have an expiration. They are for those who believe and they are for today!

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  5. To God be the glory great things he has done!! We haven’t begin to tap into the things our Father so willingly wants for us. Health and healing are ours for the taking if we only have the faith of a mustard seed. Melva had that faith! And her “mustard seed” of faith was planted on fertile soil where her healing became manifest. Thank you Jesus, for your mercies endure forever…great is your faithfulness.

  6. i met Melva at the Gayla event at the Marriot, for the first time all of us who could not stand sat together on a couch bench,i just saw her at the last event, she reconized me i look at her smiling i said we sat together, when we were waiting for our seats, i said your walking?she began to tell me how god had healed her ,she encouraged my soul, for i also believe god will heal me too! joy floods my soul for her! i’m so grateful to him! Glory!

  7. As I view this again and again… I am reminded of the truth and the faithfulness of Gods Healing!! This brief exert is just a clip of my moms journey of blessings and healing… mind, body and soul.

    I watched her sing and dance in the choir yesterday morning and although I know of her many challenges and miracles, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness and encouraged by her living testimony!

    To God be the Glory… this is a phenonemal piece and I hope it is shared around the world! It is TRUTH… Jesus Lives!

    Thank you LORD! Thank you Mom. Thank you Word of Life.

    Donjia Gale

  8. God is so good, what an awesome testimony. Melva recently shared her story with me; I’m thrilled to hear of His faithfulness to us. Thanks for sharing this wonderful testimony. Pastor Aaron be bless and continue on in your endeavor to spread the Gospel to the nation!

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