The Fight of Faith

1 Timothy 6:12 “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.”

Did you know that your faith is a fight? It isn’t a fight like the world would categorize as a negative thing but it is a good fight. This good fight none the less is still a fight that we must recognize is connected to our salvation and eternal life.

When I was young I remember playing sports. I played football, basketball, baseball, soccer and many others. Many young children play sports and I feel it is a great experience because it teaches discipline, team work and the reality of defeat. So many times during a game I was participating in, I had a deep desire to win. Even if the other team was beating my team, I wanted more than anything to come back, fight harder, score the points and pull out the win. Have you ever been in scenarios like this in your life? You probably have at one point or another and you therefore have an understanding of those moments when it takes a fighting spirit to win.

Faith many times is like this. Yes, sometimes it is “easy” and fun as God is bringing us our every desire in life, but what about the times when life isn’t going so well? What about the times when we are faced with mountain sized challenges? How do we fight and win? Through faith.

There are these moments, maybe when you are battling sickness, financial hardship, relationship problems, questions about God and why certain things are happening the way they are. These moments cause us to either do one of two things: (1) Turn away from God in confusion or anger and reject His promises or (2) Turn to God in desperate humility crying for help realizing that only He can bring you through. This I believe is the fight Paul was challenging Timothy with. Paul was saying that being a Christian is not easy, being a Christian is hard walk at moments and being a Christian means following God and trusting in Him no matter what.

The fight has to do with the challenging times and whether or not we will go deeper in our faith or turn away from our faith. God is constantly wanting us to worship him, trust in Him and do it out of love. Our eternal life is connected to this because we can not enter into Heaven without the faith and belief that Jesus Christ is Lord of our life. So the fight comes when you have the choice to either trust in God or not. If we always put our trust in Him, He will always come through because He told us He would. But we must remember that during the fire it may be hard to hold on to these promises.

So be encouraged today if you have ever been in a situation that felt like a fight of faith. You will have these moments in life, the Bible teaches us so. But don’t fret in the process, hold on to the everlasting Word of God and His promises knowing that He is alive and well and watching our every moment. He loves us more than we could love ourselves, so in the middle of the fire, hold on to His promises and His word because He will never let you down. These moments of life are but a “light affliction to the weight of glory” that we shall gain in eternity.

Are you blessed? Tell me your thoughts!

In Christ,

Pastor Aaron

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4 thoughts on “The Fight of Faith

  1. Thank you, Pastor Aaron! Great word and at just the right time!! We all need to be reminded of this. Life isn’t always easy. We deal with struggles and tests a lot of the time, but when we surrender to God, He makes a way where there seems to be no way! His promises are true and they are for everyone!! Be encouraged!!

  2. Pastor Aaron, your messages are a blessing and are like a fire beneath my seat! You never let up and it shows your passion for the cause of Christ! I have been blessed by your teachings both here in Lone Tree and when I have seen them by Video!
    May the Lord continue to bless and prosper your Ministry, marriage and family!

  3. God has called us to walk on His narrow path! It isn’t always easy, but the FIGHT is worth it! What an awesome Word today!

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