Update from Albania

Hey Everyone,

What a wonderful week this has been in Tirana, Albania! I have been here all week planning and working with and alongside the church leaders of this nation for a great gospel crusade this coming November 9, 10, 11. Although the week was geared for planning, research and scheduling, I was also able to do some ministry and exhortation.

On Wednesday night I had the chance to preach in a village outside of Tirana and God did great things. Three different churches came together for an “impromptu” church service with me. The local pastors were so gracious and I believe that God did many marvelous things in the lives of those who came to the meeting. So many were touched by the prophetic and several came to give their heart to Jesus for the first time. Praise God! These were young men who came to know the lord and I believe that God is going to use them to touch this nation. There is such a hunger in this country for the move of God and I feel it in my spirit that revival is going to break soon!

On Thursday I was able to reconnect with some key leaders of the church here in Albania and what an anointed time we had as we discussed what God could do in November. Great preparation and support is happening and coming together to reach thousands during this coming crusade. On Thursday I was also able to see sports arena that we will be holding the meetings in. My heart leaped with excitement as this basketball complex can seat several thousand and I know that so many will be saved there.

On Friday I had a Pastor’s lunch/dinner with even more pastors and key leaders to present the vision for November. God’s presence was there as we discussed the needs of the nation and how we can partner to see His will accomplished in this great nation. I praise God for the heart of the leaders of the church here as they are working together in great unity, not fighting with one another but helping and partnering for great harvest.

We are going to have multifaceted ministry during the day during the crusade and we are excited to announce that we are going to be taking willing people with us to help accomplish the ministry. YOU SHOULD COME! We will have more details in a couple of weeks, but begin praying about coming to Albania and allowing the Lord to use you to change lives.

There will be food outreaches, medical camps, pastors/leaders conference, music/worship conference and a businessman seminar/lunch outreach. So many ways to be a part and change lives all over Albania. I truly believe in my heart this will be a part of the mighty move of God already happening here and all over the world.


More to come soon!

In Christ Jesus

Pastor Aaron

PS – please pray for safe travels as I leave in a few hours to come home:)

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