Want To See God?

Matthew 5:8 (NKJV) “Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God.”

Matthew 5:8 (MSG) “You’re blessed when you get your inside world–your mind and heart–put right. Then you can see God in the outside world.”

Did you know that we live in a very selfish society? Everything we see on the television, internet, news, etc., is driven at one thing…selfish fulfillment. Every advertisement is based off making you think you don’t have something that you can’t live without. You’re hungry? You can’t live without our cheeseburger. You’re a businessman? You can’t live without our product that will make you more money than before. You’re skinny? You can’t live without this protein shake. You’re fat? You can’t live with out our diet plan.

You get the idea:)

When we are surrounded by such communication all the time, we can’t help but get very self-centered and self-focused. I believe this is one of the tactics of the devil because it isn’t until we are selfless that we truly see Jesus in operation every day of our lives. I believe that so many people and Christians are consumed with problems to a point that they don’t believe they could ever help anyone else till they get their “issues” resolved. Of course this is a lie because when we act in Jesus name we are not acting out of our greatness but His greatness.

So how do we see God? We must serve and love others selflessly! Even if we don’t have “our stuff” all put together, we can always serve and love someone else. I believe this how our mind and our heart get put into order so we can see outside of ourselves.

It never seems to fail that when you serve and help someone else despite what you are going through God will bring a miracle to your need!

I remember shortly after I launched my evangelistic ministry God dealt with me to give to 2 different people. When God spoke to me I didn’t have much and what little I did have I was saving for a crusade in Europe. So needless to say this was a challenge to my faith at the time. But as the Holy Spirit does so often, He caused me to be unable to sleep till I was obedient. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and writing the checks as I watched my Quickbooks bank account numbers drop. I signed the checks and put them in the mail first thing the next morning and prayed over them. Just a few weeks away from the crusade I was holding I was way behind on the budget. I prayed everyday for God to supply the need but it seemed to no avail. One day after I had ministered a couple came to me to give an offering. They said the Lord had dealt with them to give a substantial seed. When they told me the amount I about fell on the ground as it was near the entire amount needed for the crusade. God supplied the rest of the need and it was a true testimony of how God always takes care of His servants.

So I challenge you and myself to get out of our selfish thinking and get into selfless thinking! The more we do what God teaches and shows us the more we will see His acts on the earth and in our lives DAILY! Praise God!

Are you blessed? Let me know!

In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Aaron

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7 thoughts on “Want To See God?

  1. Pastor Aaron, so many times when giving sacrificially, first thing I do is look at my bank balance like I expect it to magically appear after it has been given! Silly me! Never the less as I wait (sometimes not so patiently) He does bless my seed with a harvest unlike any other and from business sources I could not have figured out or put together myself! He is awesome and faithful and I praise and thank Him for all He continues to do! I don’t always like His timing but it is perfect! Your a blessing Pastor and I pray that all you and your family do for God’s kingdom will surely come back to you in a harvest pressed down, shaken together, filled full to running over and continually in awesome overflow!
    Bless you and thank-you for allowing His gift of music/song to flow through you to minister to so many for His glory! : ) I have personally been touched and blessed!

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  3. Yes God can be seen every where and at every time Just see the WORD and you will realize that he is ALLAH. If you look in this word Here The Word ALL in this word since this all includes every thing from the richest to the poorest one from the happiest to the sorriest person.

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