Off to Albania!

Well, I am on my way on a trip that has been almost 1 year in the making. Countless volunteers, financial contributors, and Albanian pastors have been working hard for months to create a trip that will touch thousands of lives with the love and power of Jesus Christ! Medical camps (with 2 American doctors and a nurse team), food outreaches, a nation wide worship conference, a business men’s seminar and of our course our nightly crusades will be tool that Jesus will use to change lives and save souls! This is a week for HEAVEN’S rejoicing and hell’s tears as hell is going to be losing many and Heaven will be gaining all! Praise Jesus He is going to work in Signs, Wonders and Miracles…BE PRAYING FOR US!

If you will be praying, please tell us! Respond to this blog with a comment, share it with your friends on facebook/twitter/etc, and of course ask your church to be lifting us up as well!

Praise God!

He is in control! We are His servants!

Your’s for the Harvest,

Pastor Aaron

4 thoughts on “Off to Albania!

  1. Pastor Aaron truly believing you and your team are God’s messengers for His Holy gospel to be preached with power and demonstration! Praying also for the entire teams protection, safety and health as they go about doing the work of His Kingdom!
    May your words be yea and amen as He touches lives through you and the team!

    Much love, prayer, peace and victory!!

    Deborah Singer

  2. I will be praying that nothing will come before your team and that all the Lord desires to be done on this trip will be done. I can’t wait to hear and see the pictures. God bless you Pastor Aaron and your team.

  3. Excited to hear of the miracles, healings and deliverances that will come through the team’s hands, in the name of our Lord Jesus! We are so proud of you all for your boldness and obedience, and we are praying for you!

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