4 thoughts on “Albania Day 3

  1. This is so awesome to see Gods presence touching these hungry souls with His love, truth and power! Our prayers are with each and everyone of you!

    Be strong in our Lord and in The Power of His might!!

  2. Praise God Aaron. You are doing a phenomenal job! Your partners should be blessed knowing that they get to take part in being responsible for each one of those 200+ souls! Keep doing what God has called you to do! All of Schambach Ministries is proud of you!

    Jonathan Gregori
    Operations Manager
    Schambach Minstries

  3. Jezusi është Zoti dhe Ai e do popullin shqiptar. Ai vdiq për ta dhe dëshiron të vendosur ato të lirë të të gjithë robëria!

    Jesus is Lord and He loves the Albanian people. He died for them and wants to set them free of all bondage!

    Keep up the excellent work for the kingdom…

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