The City on a Hill

We Are A City On A Hill!

In Matthew 5:14, Jesus says these words “You are the light of the world-like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”
Jesus is likening us as believers as bright lights that stand out above the things of this world. In ancient times, leaders and conquerors would many times build thier fortresses/capital cities on cliffs high above the countryside for many reasons. One was that it would create a vantage point to see any enemy that may attempt an attack on their lands. They would have a strategic tactical advantage on their enemy as they could see their movements and prepare for defense while the enemy would have no idea what they were about to encounter if a seige was attempted. In the same way, when we are a city on a hill, we position ourselves high above the strategies of the enemy on a high rock named Jesus Christ. This empowerment allows us to see any possible attack and respond from an elevated position of strength not weakness.

I believe this passage is also teaching from another perspective that this city is seen from miles. If you were a traveler in ancient times, you could easily get lost trying to find your destination. You could imagine a world with no GPS:) These travelers many times didn’t even have basic mapping available so their only guidance was the stars and the literal light of the city on the hill. When they would see the light there was great joy and hope that even though they were in a dark valley searching, the light was guiding them! In the same way, Jesus has called us draw those in darkness out to his love and grace. You and I are a city on a hill, the light of the world! Those lost in sin and dispair find hope in the love and power of Jesus Christ that is shown through our words and actions. Every action we take will have the potential to be a guiding light to those who don’t believe.

Will you take the challenge of being the light on hill?

Will you commit your thoughts, words and actions to Jesus’ purpose not your own?

I believe when we do this that the power of God is activated in way that is supernatural beyond anything in this world!


P.S. As you may know we have just arrived back from a might crusade to the nation of Albania! Hundreds were saved and pulled out of darkness into the light of Jesus!! Please stay tuned for the final 2 blogs that will show the conclusion of all that God this past week! I’M PRAYING FOR YOU! WRITE ME:)

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