A Week of the Miraculous!

Praise God for what He did this past week. I was so thrilled and honored to be invited to preach at 3 great churches this week. I was allowed to minister at All Nations Christian Center in Spokane, WA this past week for a 4 night revival in which the Holy Spirit moved mightily! Every night I watched in amazement as the alters filled with people receiving Jesus for the first time and rededicating their lives to Him in a fresh and anew way. The power of God was surely in operation as the gift of the prophetic was in operation and life words were given to so many young and old. At the end of the week, the church grabbed me and “crowd surfed” me around the front of the church…this was a first! It was awesome to celebrate with so many wonderful new friends!

After a day at home I traveled to Columbus, OH to speak at 2 churches. The first church was a new plant called Freedom Christian Fellowship. The Power of God fell in this Sunday morning service as so many came to the alter leaving their sin and receiving the salvation that Jesus brings! Hallelujah! I remember as God touched one woman who was walking with a cane. She shouted and declared that Jesus had healed her and we all rejoiced. After the service the woman was gone but I looked at the alter and saw her cane leaning against a chair…Jesus is the healer! Amen!

The week was finished by the opportunity to minister at Victorious Living Christian Center (VLCC). God’s power seemed to touch so many as a fresh fire was birthed in many of the people.

I thank God for the opportunity to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and see so many come to Jesus right here in America! Thank you for your prayers and I look forward to all God has for so many!

For Souls,

Pastor Aaron Bagwell


2 thoughts on “A Week of the Miraculous!

  1. This is truly awesome Pastor Aaron! I was wondering who that was being carried by the people! It was you! May He continue to bless your heart and hands as you see His mighty harvest coming in!

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