Welcome Back

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to write a quick note to say hello and that I will be writing some new blogs again! I have been incredibly busy building an amazing new work for Jesus – Jesus Church. The church has been a lot of work to get established and thus taking much of my time. I have been unable to write new blogs simply due to time constraints of being a new pastor, father and husband to an amazing wife and awesome kids.

Of course these wonderful responsibilities have not changed, but God has given me several moments to write that I have been waiting to release in His timing:)

Anyways, be blessed as I post some new thoughts/revelation that He has been giving me in this incredible season of building:)

God bless you and remember that Jesus has a unique and special calling for each and every one of us that is completely special and unique from any other person that has ever walked the face of this earth!

Yours for Kingdom purpose,

Pastor Aaron

3 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. Hi. Pastor Bagwell. I mentioned you in a post on my blog a few days ago. It was basically a post of thanks. But, I’m afraid that if you read it you might sense a cynical comment, but I didn’t deeply mean it that way.

    I’m new to blogging and trying to make sense of the infinite uniqueness of all people of whom I become aware through this medium. What I’m trying to say is that, if you read the post, you will see that I ask for prayer for you and me, even though we our on such different paths (don’t remember exactly what I said)–and it might make you wonder if I am expressing disrespect for your path.

    I should give more thought sometimes before I write. I’m now thinking that your path and mine may not be so different after all. I haven’t given your blog the attention it deserves yet, but one thing I know, the love of Jesus is true. I will try to remember you in my prayers, as I try to remember to pray. And I ask you to please pray for me, for healing.

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