Hello From Dublin!


Hey Everyone,

I am so blessed to be writing you from the capital of the Republic of Ireland.  What an exciting thing to be in this great nation.  Years ago God put in my heart the desire to do ministry work in this beautiful nation.

I was so excited when not long ago a connection was made with a great pastor and leader (Emmanuel Might) of a wonderful church right here in Dublin.  As discussion began about evangelism to the people of Dublin, both of our hearts seemed to unite to see what the Holy Spirit could have between our ministries.  So I boarded a plane and now I am here.  Pastor Emmanuel and I will be meeting and discussing many things about what we could do here in the nation of Ireland and I know that God’s will shall be done in these meetings.

On top of these great meetings, I have been scheduled to speak to four different congregations this Sunday.  It is so exciting as I have the opportunity to speak to a Filipino speaking church, Romanian speaking church, a Portuguese speaking church and of course an English speaking church.

The city is so rich in history and culture.  Today I went to visit Trinity College in the heart of the city.  This college was founded in 1592 under Queen Elizabeth and is home of the famous Book of Kells (an ancient illuminated manuscript of the Gospels). I didn’t realize what a melting pot of religion and people Dublin is and how ripe it is for the gospel!  Praise God!  Pastor Emmanuel has a wonderful church of hundreds of people and they are believing for great healing miracles this Sunday!

Please be in prayer for George and I as we step out in faith for all that God has for us during our time here.  I know that the Holy Spirit is directing our meetings and time here for great things later this year!

Yours for the Harvest,

Pastor Aaron

4 thoughts on “Hello From Dublin!

  1. Dear Pastor Aaron, Top of the morning to ya!! May His love and light guide and direct your pathway’s, thoughts and words as you speak to the congregations and those He puts in your path!
    Blessings, favor and honor to you and George throughout this time your spending in Ireland!!
    And may we all continue our prayers for spiritual riches and blessings for His kingdom harvest of SOULS!!!

  2. Pastor Aaron, This is exciting to see how God is enlarging your territories! Looking forward to hearing all the details when you return. Remember – “You are who God says you are.”

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