Revival For Ireland

2013-01-26 16.12.23Hey Everyone,

Quick update on our trip here to Ireland…

I love the opportunity I have to travel the world!  During our short trip so far we have had the chance to see the city of Dublin, see the countryside/castle ruins, and experience the food and take in our surroundings.   As wonderful and exciting as it is to see new things or experience culture, the real exhilaration comes from the purpose of being in a new country because I know that God opens up doors to nations for me to be a part of life change in the people and the church wherever I am.  It is unreal to be used by God!

As I have had a couple of days to be in Ireland, we have had the opportunity to sit with a key Pastor of this great nation.  As I listened to his heart and journey of how God brought him to this nation, my heart exploded in faith and I heard the Holy Spirit say “This is God’s man for this Nation!”  The crazy part is that he is not even Irish – He is from Cameroon🙂  Isn’t the Kingdom of God beautiful?  

I know from the countries that I have been to there are strategic men and women of God that the lord places in different nations to help bring forth revival.  I have seen this in Albania, Costa Rica, Czech Republic and Latvia.  I watch as different pastors are just working for God’s Kingdom building the church but a special grace comes upon them to lead out front, bring unity to the churches and lead great evangelistic campaigns for the salvation of thousands!  Inevitably, every country I have had the chance to be a part of the revival…it begins just like this trip!  A time of Holy Spirit connection, prayer and then EXPLOSION!

I know that a great revival is about to come to Ireland…I feel it in my spirit…I see it in the desired unity in the pastors and the time is RIPE and the time is NOW!  Not every place I go do I feel this way, but in Ireland, I feel it!

The people have been through so much due to religion.  It has been at the epicenter of many conflicts, revolutions, death and tears.  But we are not talking about more religion coming to Ireland, we are talking about the MOVING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!  That life giving force from Heaven, that life changing power of God – It is going to come like a wave and I can’t wait to be a small part in it!

Will you pray for me?  Will you pray for the pastors?  Will you pray for the people of Ireland?

Prayer is Powerful!

Pray for Ireland!

Love you all!

Pastor Aaron


2 thoughts on “Revival For Ireland

  1. Pastor, glad to have you to coming home safely. Your trip sounds meaningful. You were, after all, in the land of “thin places” now you’ll just have to share with the people of Ireland that the Holy Ghost has a thin place inside of them…

    God’s Speed Pastor Aaron

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