If It Seems Hopeless…Keep Hoping!

hope-2012Romans 4:18 “Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping-believing that he would become the father of many nations. For God had said to him, “That’s how many descendants you will have!”

Have you ever felt like Abraham? Have you ever felt there was absolutely NO reason for hope based upon the evident circumstances standing before you? How did/does this make you feel? How does it affect your view of God? How are you handling life right now in the midst of seemingly impossible circumstances?

I pray I can encourage you in the Lord today with this simple word – keep hoping! If you feel like there is no hope – keep hoping! If you feel your prayers will never be answered – keep hoping!

Look at Abraham and imagine being in his situation for a moment. God had spoken a clear word for his life. It was undeniable, it was incredible, it was life changing, life shaping, it was GOD! But the thing is, God spoke this word but didn’t allow it to happen immediately. In fact, years and years went by and nothing. Now the word that God spoke to Abraham was huge, but also simple. He would be the father of many nations (huge), this would happen through a son (simple).

So like you and I may have done in his shoes, we would go and “fulfill” the word by trying to get pregnant. After a year of not getting pregnant, your faith wouldn’t waiver much, but after 5 years, then 10 and 20 years…you would begin to doubt the truth of this word. It doesn’t make sense anymore, how are you supposed to make a baby when your body is naturally shutting down the baby making portion of itself? Why would God tell you a word like this but then not fulfill it?

Again, imagine being Abraham, wouldn’t you question what you did wrong? How did you mess this up? Maybe it was sin, maybe wrong decisions, maybe God changed His mind? WHAT DID I DO WRONG??

Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever known that you heard God’s voice and word for your life? Was it undeniable? Was it incredible? Was it beautiful? Was it life-changing, life-shaping? Did you know it was God?

You see, for reasons beyond our comprehension, God does things at His timing and pace that is unreasonable to our natural minds. However, our hope comes through faith and faith comes by hearing the word of God. When God spoke to you, it birthed – FAITH! And this same tool – faith – will be needed to see the word fulfilled.

Delay is not denial, in fact is the opposite. Delay is something that God does many times for the strengthening of our faith. He is looking at his purpose on the earth and his servants to accomplish that purpose. So…KEEP HOPING!

The scripture in Romans 4:18 says, “Even when there was no reason for hope…”

You may feel there is NO reason for hope. You may have scientific evidence that there is no reason for hope. You may have every proof on earth to back the worldly fact that there is NO reason for hope, but remember that Jesus is the HOPE of Glory!

So today I pray and encourage you to – Keep the Faith, Keep Praying, Keep Hoping!

God Bless You,

Pastor Aaron

p.s. – Pray for me this week as I head to Ireland to meet with many pastors and churches to present Hope For Ireland.  If you would like to join us this October for Hope for Ireland – you can sign up on our website! www.HopeForIreland.org

One thought on “If It Seems Hopeless…Keep Hoping!

  1. thankyou
    im 49 years old this year and up to now never found mr right. had lots of heartbreak and disappointment, meeting a man that is right for me and me right for him seems so impossible!
    but 20 years ago I heard a voice in my mind speak to me. my passion was singing and at that time I was simply a karaoke singer. one night whilst out with my fiancé [that ended the following day] I heard the good lord say clearly to me these words ‘ you’ve got all your singing to do before you can get married’. what followed after the breakup was 15 years of cabaret singing around the clubs. well I gave up/ completed that season of my life about 2 years ago now so im hoping on gods promise to me from 20 years ago!! the time must be soon but im sure it will happen. ill let you know

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