A Hope For Ireland Revealed


Just a few months ago, God spoke a nation into my heart – Ireland. Through much prayer, travel and preparation, an event has just taken place that I believe is the beginning of something even bigger – Hope For Ireland.IMG_4166

For the past week I am so proud to say that God has used me, a group of 16 other missionaries from America and a group of churches to touch the nation of the Republic of Ireland. All I can say is that it has been a life-changing experience for so many.

It has been life changing for me and our team from Aaron Bagwell Ministries. We spent an entire week sharing the gospel of Jesus in almost every way possible. Whether in the street, in one of our numerous outreaches or at the nightly meetings, God was moving powerfully. I saw as the Holy Spirit used each and everyone of our team members in different yet profound ways.

I’ll never forget as I saw tears of joy stream down the face of one of our team members as they shared their story of leading a person to Jesus on the street. Another team member prayed with someone who needed a healing at our nightly meeting and witnessed the miracle power of God touch them instantly. Others were simply stretched out of their comfort zone but I know received so much from Jesus through the stretching of their faith.IMG_4798

The pastors of the local churches expressed the impact our team made on them and their churches. They constantly communicated about the blessing of having us come and what a needed and on time blessing it was for their ministries.

Ireland is very tough ground spiritually. The largest non-catholic church in the country only has about 400-500 members. Despite any obstacles, we were amazed at how God used Hope For Ireland to unite churches, pastors, community and welcome new believers into the Kingdom of God.

As I had the chance to minister and preach the gospel, we were all blown away as people literally ran out of their seats to the front to be prayed for to receive Jesus. The young people in particular were such a blessing to see as their hunger for revival was sparked and creativity for the gospel was prophesied into their lives.

Stay in touch as we post pictures, videos and more blogs in general about what God did and is doing in Ireland. I promise…it will inspire your faith:)

Pressing into the Harvest,

Pastor Aaron

2 thoughts on “A Hope For Ireland Revealed

    • Hey Daniel, thank you my friend! God really did amazing things while we were there. It felt like a ground plowing trip and I am looking forward to doing more there in the future:) Hope you are doing fantastic…let’s catch up soon!

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