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Bagwell Fam

Pastor Aaron Bagwell has been in full time ministry since he was 15 years of age. Beginning as a praise and worship leader for his father, Dr. Tim Bagwell, he grew into a multi-faceted leader working and leading every part of the church under his father’s covering. Pastor Aaron is a 3rd generation pastor called and raised in ministry by God.

In 2007 on a missions trip to Kenya, Pastor Aaron had a divine encounter with God as He spoke “I’ve called you to the nations, will you go?”. With this incredible challenge from the lord, Aaron took a step of faith and said “yes” began to GO. In this short time, Pastor Aaron has been to over 20 nations, seen more than 50,000 signed decision card salvations through events that Aaron Bagwell Ministries has arranged and coordinated. Aaron Bagwell Ministries has hosted large american team missions trips, medical camps, food outreaches to thousands, clothing drives, construction projects for homes and churches, large scale street-evangelism, pastor’s conferences, women’s conferences, leader’s conferences, business leader conferences and large scale evangelistic campaigns all designed with one intention – TO SAVE SOULS!

At a young age, Pastor Aaron had several opportunities to sit and have hands laid on him by Rev. Oral Roberts. This divine impact began to show up later in life as the gifts of healing poured on thousands of lives. Since then, Aaron has traveled and/or ministered with Reinhard Bonnke, Daniel Kolenda, R.W. Schambach, Pastor Marilyn Hickey, Pastor Peter Youngren, Dominic Russo, and many others.

In 2006, Aaron married the love of his life…Teri! Together God has made an incredible unity in their ministry to people all over the world. Teri has been gifted with an anointed teaching, prayer and prophetic ministry. God has used her to minister to thousands of women and men individually as well as with Aaron. Together Aaron and Teri join their hearts and gifts to accomplish the goal of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to every living creature. Their prayer is that their life can be example to all through the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

In 2011, Aaron and Teri took another large step of faith in launching Jesus Church (www.JesusChurch.net)! This endeavor would be nothing short of a miracle as every step they have taken together has required much faith, humility and sacrifice. Already seeing hundreds of people touched and changed by God, the vision of Jesus Church is the driving force that pushes Aaron and Teri to continue to strive to see the city of Denver changed by the love and power of Jesus Christ!

Aaron and Teri have 3 beautiful children, Timothy, Annika and Alexandria.

9 thoughts on “About Pastor Aaron

  1. Pastor Aaron, Praise the Lord, For truly He is good!!! I am so enjoying your web and your Blog:) It stirs me to pray more for the anointing on your life to increase and truly it is a blessing to me. I am looking forward to going on a mission trip as it is one of my deepest passions as I love international travel. I am also very glad to participate in praying for your trips as well, and when I can sow into you your dreams and vision for souls.
    It is an honor to see what God is doing in you and thru you. Thank you for being obedient 🙂 God Bless You in all you do with love and heartful prayers, Paula Stevenson

    • Paula, thank you so much for your continual prayer and commitment to these wonderful people all over the world! I am so excited to be taking missions groups with me very soon…I am already in the preparation process and you should come!!

      Bless you so much!!

  2. Pastor Aaron,
    We came to know that you are planning to open up a church at SmokyHill, Aurora. We live in Aurora and are excited about the news. Would like to hear from you about your plans on that.

    Lakshmi & Manoj

  3. thanks for posting this information on the passing on to glory, R.W Schambach was indeed a general of God, he was a preacher with a message who demonstrated the miraculous to this generation.

  4. I am sooooooooooooooooo elated about running into you via web on this journey that we both are on for the Lord… You have such an amazing and beautiful family Pastor.

    When I first clicked onto your blog and saw that you were sponsoring a missions trip to Ireland – I laughed and said wow…..He wants to go abroad like me… In AMERICA we can say we are spreading the good news but when we choose to head into places where the common ground of someone being Atheist is where the work REALLY begins!!

    God bless you and I will pray that GOD will move His hand mighty!!!

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