Pray and Revive 2015 – Join Us!

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to extend an invitation to our Pray and Revive Conference beginning Friday June 12th @ 7pm.  You can click on our website for more details  – We will be meeting at Liberty Middle School (21500 E. Dry Creek Rd., Aurora, CO 80016) and God is going to move in an awesome way!

Check out our promo video – Hope you can join us!

Pastor Aaron

Prepping the Harvest Message

This is a new message on how our life is a seed in the hands of God. No matter what choices we make, whether good or bad, God uses all for His purpose and calling for our lives. Be blessed and know that God has a purpose, plan and destiny for your life and that when you surrender to Him, He makes all things work together – Romans 8:28

Listen, be blessed, let me know your thoughts about it:)

In Christ

Pastor Aaron


Jesus and Ireland

Jesus and IrelandGod is moving in Ireland!  Jesus is alive in Ireland! The Holy Spirit is doing mighty things in Ireland!

I wanted to take a quick moment to share about my ministry time in January and how you can pray for this nation as we prepare to do great evangelistic work in 2013 in the nation of Ireland!  We are also going to take a group with us…Interested? Call our offices for details (720)452-3000 🙂

I learned that in Ireland, Jesus means a whole lot of different things.  To start off, Christianity came originally in the 5th century through a few people but most notably Saint Patrick.  The church in Ireland therefore became increasingly Catholic over the centuries and simply a part of culture.  The Protestant move that hit Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries migrated into Ireland creating division in the church (Catholic/Protestant) and inevitably  the people throughout the centuries.  In fact throughout the 20th century you can see this division line being strongly connected to political challenges and violence.

Participating in conversation and walking the streets of Dublin I learned much about the history of Jesus and Ireland and the religion that surrounds many of the people; also I was blessed to connect with some key pastors of churches that are not bound to old religion but to the moving of the Holy Spirit.

God is moving in Ireland.  As I spoke, I saw every continent represented in the meetings, about 20 different nationalities to be exact.  4 services in one Sunday was busy, but the fruit of the ministry was awesome! The gift of the prophetic moved, people were healed of sickness in the prayer lines and set free from bondage in their minds.

This is the fruit of Jesus and the life that the Holy Spirit brings into any atmosphere when we step out in faith.  I am so thrilled that God has connected me to such an amazing church and leader in Pastor Emmanuel Might of Solid Rock Church in Dublin.  This church is growing at a rapid pace and is ready to do strategic evangelism in their city and nation.

Thank you for your prayers for me during my trip!  As always, they were felt, needed and appreciated!  But I urge you now to begin to pray for Ireland.  Ireland is a melting pot of culture, religion and ideologies.  I see the challenges that lie ahead for the churches, but I also know the power of the Holy Spirit and sense the great revival that is coming to this colorful nation.

Pray for Ireland, pray for me as I travel and pray about joining me on our next trip together!

In Christ,

Pastor Aaron